If there is no “They,” there is no Blame! Encourage teamwork and promote self-generated productivity. They = Individuals. We = Uniformity!” – David Marquet


What determines if you allow the scales of your leadership to stay balanced or tip to one side?

We all know what happens when scales are “over-weighted”… everything crumbles.

When dealing with our leadership, we must determine our strengths and weaknesses with what our teams/organizations need. We have to deal with so many different “styles.” Our teams need leaders who are balanced. Society needs leaders who can make decisions which are best for the overall picture. I also believe that unbalanced leaders have the scale tipped in their favor. They want themselves to look good. Even if it means taking balance away. We must pair our strengths and weakness to others that complete the whole of our leadership.

Now, here are a few questions I believe is worth considering:

1. Is there balance in your leadership?

2. Are the results of your leadership proportional to the amount of time you put in? Why or why not?

3. What would you be willing to do order to balance your leadership?


© 2017  J Clay Norton

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