“Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.” – Unknown


Why do we look in a mirror?  To see what we look like.

When we look in the mirror, all we see is ourselves and I know this sounds corny but it is the only place we truly see ourselves.  The mirror is where we come face to face with the self-reality of our leadership.

Our leadership “check” is the mirror.  It is the only place we can have an honest evaluation about and with ourselves.  And it is very hard.  Why do you think this is?

Because we are the only ones that know the truth. We can hide, disguise, suppress, etc..

When we are faced with having a leadership self-check, does it help?  Why or why not?

If yes, then we have become broken, humble and our EGO has not gotten in the way.

If no, then we believe we are better than we really are.

Here a few “we will” leadership check thoughts as we look in the mirror…

  1. We will compare ourselves with those who we are better than.  This way we will make sure we always look good.
  2. We will never compare ourselves with those who are better than us.  Why? Because we have no desire to look inferior.
  3. We will always seek out those who think like us.  This will give us the answers we want to hear.
  4. We will rarely seek input from those who do not think like us.  Why?  See #3.
  5. In our own minds, we can justify anything to our benefit.

Looking in the leadership mirror is hard.  Accepting what we see in the reflection is even harder.

Let’s make sure that the leadership reflection we see is the leadership others want us to have.


© 2017  J Clay Norton

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