“Be the example…not the shadow” – Deborah Thomas

Ok… I know you will roll your eyes as you read this question:  How many of us are faced with daily challenges?  And… How do you handle them?

And you know what?

“Challenges could care less if we are ready to face them or not but face them we will. ” 

Everyone I know or have read about faces challenges. It is one of the constants in life. Each challenge is a story to tell within itself.  A life lesson or a nugget to go on one might say.  The outcomes of our challenges may even be a template for future decisions. We all have had our share of good and bad outcomes.

How we handle challenges will show a lot about our leadership character.  And… Believe it or not, others are watching. We all have a choice of how we will move forward. But…

“When we decide how we are going to handle challenges, we cannot make spur of the moment decisions.”

keep forward

One of the best things is to have people on your side who will help you.  This is key to overcoming our challenges.  ‘You have to have people who have your heart and care without any strings attached.” I hope you have people like this in your life.  It is comforting and priceless.

To have a friend who knows your heart is the best friend you can have.”

As you think about the challenges we face, take a moment and breathe a breath of fresh air.

We can either linger in the challenge moment and let it consume us or we can move forward.

In reference to the quote above by Deborah Thomas, if we linger, we stay in the shadow.  If we move forward, we are the example.


© 2017  J Clay Norton

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