“In calm waters, many captains are able. It is in the tempest when true leadership emerges.” – Thomas Kohntopp

How many times have we been on the side of telling someone to stay calm and relax or not overreact? And most of all… breath (I have been, at many times this person.  You can ask my parents).

Everyone is capable of being a leader when the waters of your environment are peaceful and still.  But… when the wind starts blowing your hair, the waves start turning your stomach and the storm breaks your sails, you better have an idea of what to do.




Here are some thoughts for being able to stay C.A.L.M. in your day to day leadership…

Consistency with Confidence

Are you staying consistent with your decisions?  Are they true to form with your past behaviors?  Or… Do you waffle and flip-flop and show a lack of consistency with a lack of confidence? Be a pillar of hope for others that will stand and is sure.

Authentic with Availability

Bottom line… Are you real?  Leadership must have authenticity. No one wants to work with a fake leader.  Also, having authenticity enables you to be available. Think about this… Does someone have to ask what type of mood you are in before they come to you with a question or problem?

Loyalty with Lightheartedness

If you want loyalty from others, you better be loyal to them.  Loyalty is a two-way street.  A lot of characteristics are available to show your loyalty.  Do you care about, invest, help develop, and most of all believe in others.  While being loyal, consider being a little less wound tight.  They say laughing is healthy… Having a spirit of lightheartedness will go along way with everyone around you. Others will not act like they are walking on pins and needles.

Meaningful with Mercy

Do others find your leadership meaningful? Does it have a purpose or does it go as the wind blows? People want leaders with value.  Let what you do and what you say mean something.  Also, every so often, things will not always go as planned… mistakes happen. People by nature do not mess up on purpose.  Now, there might be that time when disagreements arise, but… mercy should be a quality of all leaders.  It is unfortunate that mercy is not a word that is often associated with leadership. I figure too many people view it as a weakness.

Who do you know that exhibits C.A.L.M. leadership? Do you have C.A.L.M. leadership? Those who are around us the most know the truth.

Remember… #thinkleadership

©2017 J Clay Norton

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