“Egotistical leaders look for and want exposure.  In the end, they will be exposed.” – J. Clay Norton

Dysfunctional leaders; they are everywhere, and their population continues to grow. Please quit moving to their town and taking up residence.


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It seems like every aspect of our culture is under attack, so is leadership. I am convinced that as leaders, we must do everything we can to avoid the label of dysfunctional. For that matter, any other label that creates a negative.

So, how do we avoid having the label of dysfunctional? Here are some thoughts…

Avoid being moody.
No one enjoys being around a moody person, much less if they are in a leadership position. We will have bad days, but we choose to have a bad disposition.

Avoid the EGO.
Do not be a self-promoter and stuck on yourself. No, the world does not revolve around you. Quit thinking that it does.

Avoid the “Poor Me” syndrome.
Quit playing the victim. For the most part, everyone is not out to get you.

Avoid being passive-aggressive.
Do not use side stabs and silent insults to get your way.

Avoid being the leader that says, “Do as I say, not as I do.”
Talk about inconsistency. Functional leaders say and do.

Leadership is in trouble when these characteristics are noticeable. Leaders like this live in a world of denial.

Have you ever noticed the word “fun” in dysfunctional? Probably not, because there is none. Everyone walks on egg-shells around dysfunctional leaders. They are the ringmaster of their circus. Remember this; every entertainer needs an audience to perform. Let their performance be for themselves. Tippy-toe, drama-making, face-saving dysfunctional style leaders can stay in their own “one-ring” circus.

Good leadership will have its challenges. It is not a matter of if, but when. It is a guarantee, especially when we are doing our jobs. Staying grounded and cultivating a strong leadership culture is a must. Let’s be intentional in taking the “dys” out and be functional leaders and do what is right and be a joy to be around.

Everyone around will appreciate it.

Remember… #thinkleadership

©2017 J Clay Norton

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