“We cannot control the when of opportunity, we only control what we do with it.” – J. Clay Norton




“Oh, I wish I could go back and…”

I have made that statement many times in the past. You know what, I cannot go back and neither can you. We can only learn and put ourselves in a position to do better when a new time comes. Believe it or not, most times, it will come back around again.

I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Our pastor, Dr. Greg Belser stated once in a sermon that “… if something was important to do, then go ahead and do it.”

I believe this is pretty solid advice. We live in a world of instant gratification. We want a lot of stuff now, so why is it typical for each of us to wait to do something for others or for ourselves?

So, why does a new year matter? I can only answer for me. Maybe you can have a thought or two on this as well. A new year matters because it allows for opportunities that should never wait.

  • An opportunity to understand even more that it is not about me.
  • An opportunity to appreciate the little things that make someone happy.
  • An opportunity to be kind-hearted and serve.
  • An opportunity to care and value others.
  • An opportunity to just do the right thing.
  • An opportunity to…

The above list can go on and on. Most importantly, we must understand that each of these can and should add quality to your life. If you want them, why not put them into practice? Why wait? Your opportunity to do any of this is waiting for you.


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