“Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.” – Mac Anderson

This past week during our Wednesday night Bible study we looked at Philippians 1:10 and the focus on three words of the verse: approved, pure and blameless. While each of these has a spiritual connotation as to how we should live our lives, I began thinking about how each of them could help us live our leadership.

Each of these three words can describe if your leadership has a pulse or is dead leadership walking? There is a two-part test to determine which you have. One is to take a self-examination and admit short-comings. The other is allowing others to give us our grade. Whenever we begin to look within ourselves, while at the same time allowing others to see our leadership, it starts to take on a whole new perspective.


As we look at each of the words, take time to consider the value they can bring to your leadership.

Is it authentic? Or, maybe we should ask, “Is it the real deal?” I like the word “genuine.” Having our leadership approved by others does not equate with having popularity. Having it approved by others means that it is what it says it is. Approved leadership is tested time and time again, always yielding the same result. Its value is consistent and will be rewarded over time with proof that it is real.

The idea here is finding out if your leadership passes the test when it is held to the light. We are talking about real light from the sun and not lights that are fake. Ever notice what all a sunbeam shows? It shines on everything and shows everything in its path. It is tough to hide weak leadership when the light shines on us. Bottom line… pure is on the same level as sincere. Do others see your leadership as sincere?

Our leadership should be seen as blameless. Well, how does that work? Leaders should make every effort to make sure there is no wrongdoing. We should strive to make sure our leadership is appropriate. That is the meaning behind blameless. Is it the right thing for the right time? Or, does it provide guilt? I would dare say most people by nature do not enjoy feeling guilty unless you are just that evil of a person (but there are those who are). We need our leaders to be seen true and right, appropriate for what it should be.

When all three of these words are united within your leadership, it will not only be seen but also felt. Too many leaders carry the mantle of leadership title only without carrying the authenticity, sincerity and the appropriateness, especially toward and for others. Let your leadership be approved, pure and blameless. Have a heart for leadership.  You and everyone around you will be better off, and they will thank you for it.


©2018 J Clay Norton

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