“We expect because we trust. Otherwise we doubt, or do not expect at all.” – Anonymous  

What should your leadership expectations be and why?


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Before we can ask that question; we must ask, what are you expecting?

  • Are you expecting awards and trophies?
    They will collect dust, thrown into a box, placed in the attic, and someone someday will throw them away.
  • Are you expecting relationships?
    Most people will let you down. Some on purpose, others unintentionally. They love you in the good times and forget your name in the bad times.
  • Are you expecting fame?
    Odds are, you will never be satisfied.

If these are what your expectations are, then you are for yourself. Just ask around, no one likes these type of leaders. If we believe we already have it “going on” or we are “self-sufficient,” then we are miserable.

So, since we have debunked the selfish expectations, let’s think about what our leadership expectations should be.

  • Our ultimate leadership expectation should be above ourselves and reaching to help others.
  • Great leaders strive to put others above themselves. They never push or pull them out or down; they push or pull them in, helping them beyond their own power and capabilities.
  • Great leaders are in some form or fashion are a creator and sustainer for others. People depend on you to be who and what you say you are. Many times, you are the lifeline that helps others to evolve into what they want to be.

What are your leadership expectations? As you reflect on today’s topic, consider how and what you do on a daily basis. If our expectations continue to be about us, we are not expecting much. When our expectations begin promoting growth, then much value can be placed on our leadership and we will meet our expectations.


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