A servant leader’s inner being is shaped so much by transforming others. If this statement is true, then why do more leaders not embrace this idea of leadership? I do not know why either, but I do have my thoughts.


Have you ever seen that one leader that you enjoy being around? They have this gravitational pull on people that for some reason or another brings out the best in both. Leaders like this are filled with what I like to call Leadership Spirit. Leaders who have that leadership spirit have an essence about them. Their demeanor or disposition carries that feeling of goodness.

So, I began thinking… What do leaders have that captures the above thoughts?

I believe that…

Leadership Spirit is about…

Understanding the truths of leadership

Truth has a way of erasing friction. I believe the truths of leadership are foundational by doing right by others. When we realize that concept, friction is erased, and everyone can be seen in a different light.

Using words to inspire instead of changing the meaning of words

Ever been around that leader who tears people down or flip-flops their words? I once read this quote: “Words are free. Its how you use them that may cost you.” We have a choice as leaders to say the right thing and we must mean what we say. Too often we see leaders who hide behind their words when they could be inspiring others.

Desiring to have harmony between themselves and others

Just like the harmony of a song is pleasing to the ears, the harmony in leadership is pleasing to the heart and mind. Having harmony does not always mean everyone gets along, but it does mean that everyone knows where they stand and what their role is. There is a mutual line of respect when our spirit of leadership evokes harmony.

As you ponder the above statements, please consider that a leader whose spirit is positive has a freedom that allows them to lead.

What is your leadership spirit like? If you want to know, ask others or better yet, see who is wanting to be around you. Let’s find ways to fill our leadership spirit with ideas that help transforms others.


©2018 J Clay Norton

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