534078_LI have in my hand a calculator; the old four function one. The one, many of us remember having for the first time after we set our abacus aside. Yes, the one that only you could add, subtract, multiply and divide with and was about the size of a wallet.

In my other hand, I have a scientific/graphing calculator that has an untold amount of functions. Many of the functions, never been used. But none the less, it does more than the basic calculator. TEXTI84PLUSCE

It is like that in leadership also. Either we can be “basic” with our leadership, or we can have many functions available. Most importantly, we must know what buttons to use. Any calculator, like any tool, is only as good as the person using it. Every day we have opportunities to lead; some more than others, but lead we do. The more functions you have as a leader allows you to know and understand which to use at the appropriate time.

The compare and contrast between the two different styles are not very complicated. Either you have the functions to do all that is possible, or you limit yourself because you only have the basics. Looking more closely, we can determine what style we lead with easily and establish why one is better.

When we lead “scientifically” instead of “basic” we…

Are ALIGNED with almost anything that comes our way.
Different situations will occur and the more functions you have to add value and show significant concern provides a calming effect. If all we have is “basic,” then we can only make one to four decisions. Sometimes you just need more to align yourself to make sure you provide the right leadership.

Have the ADVANTAGE to better the opportunity.
I also like to think that here, we have the advantage to connect. For me, that is one of the fundamental ideas of leadership. If we have more “buttons” to use, then our connection with others can only increase. Being “basic” does not carry an advantage. It limits our ability to function properly.

Can ACHIEVE more.
“Basic” is what it is, basic. We all know that the more functions we have, the more we can do, the more we can be. Achievement is satisfying. It provides success. It completes the desired outcome of what we want to achieve.

ASSIST to the overall good.
Assist, to help. Better yet, to serve. That is what all leaders should strive to do. To assist others, we have to go beyond a “basic” mentality of giving an effort of just what we have. When we assist, we move beyond the idea of selfishness by placing the importance on someone or something else above our thoughts.

images-3Have you ever noticed what is needed to make a scientific calculator work? Most of the time it is four “AAA” batteries, and they all need to be working together. Make sure your four “AAA” batteries are charged and ready to lead. Your leadership will not be able to provide as many functions if they are not.



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