Hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…

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Thanksgiving Grace

Grace… Bestowed by God –
Accepted and appreciated in humility.

The gift of life, a remarkable thing – 
Every breath, a beat of the heart.

The Heavens declare His grace – 
The noonday sun, the nighttime stars.

Grace displayed beautifully through the Scriptures –
Following Jesus; what a change!

The words of Jesus ring out to all who would hear Him say –
“Come unto me… and you will find rest.”

Grace, seen in the purpose of God –
“How sweet the sound…”

The grace you seek is in Him –
Knowing “I was once lost, but now am found.”

We cannot boast or make any claims –
Mercy and grace are what we need.

Grace is wonderful –
For sinners are saved, condemned no more.

Once a sinner, now redeemed –
A sobering and humbling scene.

Thanksgiving, a time our hearts should be stirred –
Truly giving thanks, for the grace undeserved.

Abundantly given by God –
Every day, thankful for Thanksgiving Grace.

©2018 J Clay Norton


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