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Born As A Babe… On This Day

No parade, no pomp and circumstance,
Just a quiet evening…

Then the sky brightened with an angel saying, 
“For unto you is born this day…”

The message – Emmanuel!

Wood, hay, swaddling cloths,
Not very regal for the King.

Mary and Joseph, shepherds, animals,
An unlikely cast to usher in the King.

Mary and Joseph’s hearts – chosen, humbled,
To burden the responsibility to raise the King.

Shepherds bowed on bended knees,
To the King that we all need.

The Babe’s first cry,
Our Savior’s divinity met His humanity.

Time; eternally separated and changed.
Life, hope, love, grace, mercy; all in one scene.

Provided by a Savior, Christ the Lord;
Born as a Babe…. On this day.

Merry Christmas

 ©2018 J Clay Norton


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