I am a Star Wars fan, a big fan. I remember my dad taking me to the first Star Wars movie in 1977. Yes, that original one…

With a family of our own now, we still watch them periodically and even enjoy the newly added and spinoff movies as well. When our daughter reached the age to understand what was going on, we began binge watching all of them.

The idea that fascinates me so much with Star Wars is not only are they great stories, but they tell a story of good vs. evil, sacrifice, and team building. Some of the character’s EGO’s “get checked,” and most of all there are numerous leadership takeaways in each movie and with each character.

Sometimes I walk around our school and give the “Vader” breathing sound, or I do “Yoda speak.” Joking, I remind students that the force is strong with me (I really wish it was).

The other day, I did my “Yoda speak” and began to think about why strong leaders are strong and mentally shrugged thinking especially about Yoda.  Yoda had it going on…


Yes, I believe there is a “leadership force” state of mind and great leaders use it every day. What they do differently, is what sets them apart. Here are a few thoughts on how the “leadership force” can be strong with you…

Change can be an agent of good
Yoda speak: Agent of good, change is

Leaders who are afraid of change will not take risks, even if it is a calculated risk. Leaders who are strong take decisions, weigh them out, per se, and limit the liability of what can go wrong if a change is made.

Are not puppets
Yoda speak: Puppets, need not be

As soon as you become a “yes” person, you have given away your power as a thinking individual, and you allow someone else to have control over you. Respect for others is one thing, but being fearful of other’s leadership is something else.

Celebrate others
Yoda speak: Others celebrate, they do

Let others be the focus. This goes back to what I have repeatedly said often… Just listen to a leader’s words. Any time success for others occurs, they will insert themselves into the conversation with “me” and “I” and move the spotlight on them instead.

Are not people pleasers
Yoda speak: Pleasers of people, they do not

Leadership is hard and lonely, and decisions that are made are not going to please everyone. Stay grounded to your core values and do not be afraid to speak up when something goes against the grain of right vs. wrong.

I am sure you can come up with other ideas of how the force can be strong in your and other’s leadership. The main idea is not to be part of  “the dark side of the force” also known as weak leadership. You are the only one who can take control and has the responsibility of making sure you remain “strong with the force.”

May the force be with you…?

©2019 J Clay Norton

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