Would it not be great for the “professional sporting world” to trade places with the “teaching world?” What if there was actually free agent status, trades or even a draft in the “teaching world?” And yes, let’s add the money in there as well. Would education be better off? Probably, but it is not like that, and we as educators (whatever role one is in) do what we do because it is what we do. The only autographs we sign are on the hall passes.


For the most part, every teacher trains to be better at his or her craft. Great teachers want to get better (now there are some who do not, but we are not going to discuss those). They want high performance in their job. Every day teachers walk into their classrooms wanting and expecting the best from all. It is no different than any other person in the work world. However, teaching is seen as so fragile. Education is underpaid, overworked, disrespected, etc. It is a total mystery how educators “hang on,” and it is to their credit that they do.

The role of what a teacher does is extraordinary. Teachers adapt more than a chameleon does for survival. The predators are out there…

But… through it all, teachers are still the stars of education.

Why? (talking about the good ones here…) Because…

They Have Presence

They are in the moment; day in, day out. They show up ready to teach. They are engaged in their subject and the lives of their students. They keep distractions to a minimum, and their focus is to perform. The energy they emit adds power to the moment. Inspiring by being what and who they are; their presence is felt.

They Promote

Teachers do what no others can. They create a learning environment that promotes each student to a level that they were not previously. To go from here to there, per se… Teachers are walking advocates of what they believe in, and everyone knows if they are true to their walk. Every class they market their message, selling it to those who want to buy in.

They have Peculiarity

Teachers are different. They position themselves well to succeed. They know the role they play and stand apart. Each one, having that special “gift” that is peculiar to only them. They can explain a topic like no other. There is passion in the belief of conveying information uniquely; creating a learning moment that has a lasting, remembering effect.

Yes, teachers are the stars of education. They get results and is that not what we want from all people? They stir the emotion in others, students and adults alike. They play the role no one else can get and no it is not easy. Every day they go on stage and every day is the performance of their lifetime.

If you know a teacher, thank them today for what they do.  They are the stars that provide a light for others. For what it is worth, teachers are the protectors of our future.

©2019 J Clay Norton

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