Well, here we are in July… It is hot, humid, muggy, sweaty, etc… but tonight, as I sit on the front porch, it is raining.  It has actually cooled down the temperature a little (if you can say that) to where sitting outside is bearable…


Tonight’s rain brings something that I enjoy… the sound and the smell of it.  There seems to be something about it that brings in a newness, fresh feeling that calms the mind.  I imagine it to be like an “all sensory sound machine.”  While I sit here enjoying the sound and the smell, the thought I have of rain that always comes back to me is the conversation line in Facing the Giants, “Prepare for rain.”

Here is the actual quote…

“There were two farmers who desperately needed rain in a drought. And both of them prayed for rain, but only one of them went out to plow his field to receive the rain. Now, which farmer trusted and believed that it was going to rain?”

As we go about our day, whatever that might be for each of us, are we preparing for the results of our leadership?  Many leaders just go about and lead only because of their title and/or position that they have.  While others actually work to make sure their leadership is meaningful, uplifting, positive for the benefit of others. They prepare their workings to be an outward seeking effect, instead of the internal mindset of “What’s in it for me?”

One thing that I have learned over the past few years is that we must always prepare to pause and pay attention to those around us.  As leaders, we move in and out of our days so quickly that it is easy to forget about who is around us.  We must prepare to lead others effectively, and we cannot do this if we do not know who we are leading.  They are not just a group of people who are hired to do a job.  They are people with a heart, mind, and soul – they matter.

As we close out July and get ready for school to start, the educational leadership that we provide will either help or hurt. Preparation is vital, but it must be more than “talked about” preparation.  Actually preparing the field for the rain, shows the level of commitment we have as leaders for others.  For the crops to grow, we must prepare for them to grow.

The next time it rains, take a moment to listen and smell the effects and give an intentional effort so others can see the preparation you are doing for them. Yes or no, the results will be seen.  What are you doing today in your leadership that “prepares for the rain?”

Thanks again for reading.

©2019 J Clay Norton

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