When was the last time you were amazed at someone’s leadership? Now, I realize that is a loaded question. You might ask, “What type of leadership, good or bad?” That is a question that is definitely worth asking. Let’s focus on being amazed at good leadership for today’s blog.


Do you ever stop, pause, and think to consider why good leaders are good? Do you look at the details of what, why, and how they lead? Better question… do you experience joy when good leadership takes place? I would say that we all do unless we are wrapped up in an agenda of self. I would also say that we experience sadness when bad leadership takes place and sometimes even regret.

We live in a culture that continually pulls away from recognizing and responding to what and where leadership is. It seems that we are so amazed at good, quality leadership when it takes place because there is so much lousy leadership. In every event, leaders produce leadership. The goal of producing amazing leadership is to highlight the wonders and inspire others. Why? Because that is what good leadership does.

A few thoughts we should consider…

  • Let’s discover how valuable amazing leadership really is and to find a way to obtain it for our lives for the areas we lead.
  • Let’s find a passion for participating in amazing leadership and let it be servant-based and intentional.
  • Let’s use amazing leadership as a means that enables us to cultivate a productive leadership life toward others.

Knowing about amazing leadership does little good if we do not take the time to actually recognize its worth and significance. The gift of amazing leadership includes the desire and energy to go and do likewise. Unknowingly, it starts as a small ripple in a still stream that eventually rushes forth to an immense waterfall that people will stand, watch, and be in awe. They will be amazed!

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others

©2019 J Clay Norton

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