I find it interesting that leadership is talked about much more than it is lived. Why are there so many leadership conferences, seminars, books, etc.? I suppose it is for the reason of my opening observation, and that just might be the reason we have such a leadership problem in society.

Everyone I know models their leadership from others. Most often, it is from our mentors who we have “latched” onto – some being good, some being bad… that tells more about you then the leader you emulate.

The more I see the effects of leadership, the more I realize that the excellent leaders are those who would not even think about taking the credit or seeking the limelight for themselves. Is it really that hard to put others first? Obviously so.

We live in an era where many leaders, influential leaders, are crumbling themselves and corrupting others, causing character flaws. We see it at all levels in our lives, everywhere we look. Our hearts become numb; when they should hurt or break over the leadership, which we see that is blatantly not for others. Yet these leaders are everywhere, promoting themselves instead of servanthood.

Good, quality leaders are sometimes hard to find. Is it because we do not know who they are? Probably not. They are hard to find because they are hiding in plain sight. When you do notice them, they are in the trenches with everyone else; boots on and sleeves rolled up, and they are not saying, “Look at me.”

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others

©2019 J Clay Norton

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