“I can’t wait for the bell to ring.” Who makes this statement?

The student or the teacher? Or, both?

Being in education, now for 25 years, I would dare say both. But why? A lesson too hard, students too bad, you do not feel well, students disconnected, etc… the list can go on and on.

Here is what I believe, as a classroom teacher, your ability to manage or mismanage time somehow equates to your classroom management or mismanagement.

How many teachers do you see/know that are not prepared for “the day” of teaching? Forget about planning ahead; they usually plan behind… No one, even students, should have respect for unpreparedness. Especially from a professional adult. Now, some can get by with “winging it.” I know a few people like that, but eventually, that “wing” will snap and…

I have also been thinking about how time “flies” (I tend to do that the older I become). What I have figured out… it does, especially if you are enjoying your time. You know where this is going… Do you and your students enjoy your time together? I figure some of you are saying, “You don’t know my students.” You are correct, I don’t, but we know people, and we know ourselves. Find a way to make your class enjoyable because it starts with you. An inviting environment does wonders for time.

Time best spent is when everyone is involved. When a teacher “hijacks” the classroom, like money, students feel cheated. Or, if you always teach to a particular group in your class. You should not have to convince your students you know your subject. The goal is to convince the students they know the subject. Help them make their own discoveries and connections. Teach and facilitate your lessons and fill in the gaps when they have questions.

Most importantly, be prompt and pace the lessons. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone learns at the same pace. Yes, you might just have to repeat or redo some parts. And you know what, that’s good teaching. Do not rush a lesson because you have to get to the next standard or section. You might miss a valuable foundation that can change someone’s learning.

As a leader in the classroom, you take responsibility for the timing and the environment. This goes for any leader in any situation. All you need to do is change the classroom to a meeting or function and change lessons to agendas.

Of all the “things” educators cannot control, the two things that we can is our classroom time and management. Set one, and the other should follow. You set the standard with both, and please do not lower them.

Go be a great educator today… Our future needs it…

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others

©2020 J Clay Norton

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