Have you ever experienced disappointment when you had to change plans or when plans were changed for you?

As creatures of habit, we have carefully arranged the details of our lives and the things we are involved in. We all have expectations that we look forward to accomplishing, but the results are not always what we envisioned.

Somewhere, in all of life, circumstances show up. Sometimes they get in the way; other times, they open up another lane to possibilities we would have never thought. It is the “what do we do with” these circumstances that matter.

Frustration and celebration are the hallmarks results of circumstances; hopes are dashed, and parties are thrown. Looking back, which result has been the most in your life? For some reason, I would want to say, “The one where my hopes were dashed.”

Why do we tend to focus on the “stuff” that does not go our way? I can start naming plenty. But then, to convince myself I am not being negative-minded, I switch to the times as I look back, and realize I am glad that some of the expectations I had, did go a different direction… now, but definitely not then.

History is full of people who thought setbacks were just that, setbacks. You have had a few, I have had a few, we all have had a few… Here is the funny thing about expectations and plans that go astray… everyone is equal opportunity. We all face, at one time or another, the disruption of our expectations.

What would happen if we changed our mindset on the front end when plans change? Is that even possible? Easy to say, hard to do. However, it does go back to what I stated above; it is the “what do we do with” these circumstances that matter. It is easy to say, “Look for the silver lining.”

As I was thinking about what to write this week, I had one of my “memory moments” and thought back to a situation when I was “young and dumb,” that did not go as I wanted or had planned. Looking back to this and other times, I cannot say that I am glad they happened. However, I can say that I am glad plans do change sometimes. With changes, we never know who the people are we might meet, the things we can learn differently or new, or how our character might be shaped to help us down the road with another circumstance that comes our way. In many cases, I am a better person because my plans were changed.

For the times we do not know the why, the how, or even understand the timing of the disruptions of our lives, change is the constant. For the times that do not go as I have wanted them to go, I learn and create a reference point for the future, and for those that have worked out for the better, I am thankful.

In each case, to quote Robert Frost… “And that has made all the difference.”

Go be a great educator and leader today… Our future needs it…

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others…

©2020 J Clay Norton

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