Oh, the places you would let me go,
But read you no more I can.
See, Dr. Suess, some of your books are under a ban.

Why? We do not know.
For you have taught us to use our minds,
I guess that is why it is so.

From the Lorax to Green Eggs and Ham,
Your books have caught our imaginations.
You taught us to read and introduced us to Sam-I-Am.

The Cat, Sally and the Fish,
Characters who are adored.
Thing 1, Thing 2… never kept us bored.

Too funny and too serious,
Were usually your themes.
Now, they are becoming social media’s memes.

Why is there a ban, you ask?
Well, it’s because of the Grinch, I guess.
He gets all the blame.

Now, as we “Read Across America,”
We have fewer of your books to choose.
It will not be the same.

Your books offer for us to be ourselves,
To make the world a better place,
To love, have joy, and be friends.

Yes, Dr. Suess, you have taught us to use our brains in our heads.
And walk where we want to with our feet in our shoes.
Most importantly, to walk in any direction we choose.

But some bring thunderstorms and rain.
To drown your books,
Right into the drain.

As I grow older,
Memories grow fonder.
Of laps being sat in and read to of Horton Hears a Who.

Dr. Seuss, I am a fan.
I will read your books.
Even the ones who others ban.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
– I Can Read with My Eyes Shut

©2021 J Clay Norton

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