Challenges… Like them or not, our comfort zone rises to the occasion with them. Challenges are the one constant that cannot be avoided, and there is not a manual that even touches the surface of how to handle it all. What is important is learning how to handle those challenges. We either do that by trial and error or by learning from others. One key thought here is who are we learning from or should be learning from?

Every challenge we face is a pitfall or an opportunity. We either look like a genius or a goat (which does not mean “greatest of all time” in this context). Challenges make leaders make decisions. The one thing we cannot do is not make a decision when faced with a challenge.


We are living in a time of society where “self-preservation” is up close and sometimes personal. Now, that does not go against the idea that we must do what is right by ourselves (we have to take care of ourselves), but… What are leaders doing to do right by others? Too often, we see leaders who are putting their own success before the success of others. The social and emotional effects within organizations are at a point that many leaders do not want to acknowledge. They see it, while at the same time hoping it is a mirage.

We are hit with challenges every day, and they come in all forms and fashions. How will you handle them? One aspect of this 3+ years of the COVID pandemic challenge I have seen thus far is that many leaders do not know how to lead. The flip side of that statement is very true also. Many leaders have shown what leadership should look like. As true as they are, the realization of both views can be seen by and in the organization’s people. It does not take long to see what “moods” people are in as it reflects the culture established by the leadership.

Great leaders have a gravitational pull. They are consistent and always keep their feet on the ground with gravity. You are either pulling others toward you or pushing them away regarding leadership. Challenges are a way of showing others how strong your pull is. No one likes leaders who float themselves around and allow others to do the same.

It will be interesting to see where leadership goes in the next few months. As much unknown that lies ahead, challenges will certainly be there. Let’s make sure our feet are where we want them when challenges are staring us in the face before we decide to stand firm on our leadership.

Go be a great educator and leader today… Our future needs it…

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others…

©2022 J Clay Norton

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