I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break…

Twas the night before Saturday of Spring Break Week,
Teachers were waiting throughout the school for the final bell.
Nine weeks tests were graded and finalized,
In hopes that they equated with PowerSchool.

Students were mentally checked out after their tests,
Visions of no work for a solid week ahead.
Teachers getting ready for the next Monday return,
Breathed a sigh of relief, the third nine weeks done.

When out in the parking lot, teachers exiting left and right,
NASCAR it seemed, with tires squealing…
I walked to my truck, a pep in my step,
Knowing that a week of golf was in store for me.

Sunshine and warmth,
A gentle breeze for all to enjoy.
Beach vacations for some,
Others, a staycation to restore.

Gas prices keeping many at home,
Spring cleaning will literally be a chore.
A lunch longer than twenty minutes, YES!
Maybe even a midday nap with a snore..

Wednesday’s noon chimes on the clock,
Downhill it now comes.
Back to school in four days,
Our spring break coming to an end.

Then, with a twinkling, I said,
Forty-five more days, I’ve got this.
Easter break is real soon,
Yes, the SON does rise.

And I thought to myself,
What a wonderful job as an educator I have.
A chance to shape the future,
To help better a student’s mind.

But nonetheless, a spring break we all need.
Giving a goodbye nod to the school,
For a week to ourselves…
Before we make the return into the final leg.

As I drove out of the parking lot,
I rolled down my windows and exclaimed,
“Spring break is here, now…
when are the Mississippi legislatures going to give us a pay raise?”

Happy spring break to all, and to all restful week.

Go be a great educator and leader today… Our future needs it…

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others…

©2022 J Clay Norton

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