Let’s open today’s blog with a question for you to ponder…

Do teachers forget they were once students?
It will be interesting to know your thoughts on this.


So, here is mine… Yes, I believe many teachers forget they were once students. Now, not all teachers per se, but I have heard of teachers who seem to be “out to get” students. And, after 28 years of teaching, I think I have seen a few also.

But why?

I’m not sure, but I have a few guesses. One would be an insecurity issue. I truly believe that insecure people want others to be miserable with them. While this transcends into a societal issue, it also becomes one in classrooms. It seems that insecure teachers often teach in a way that is domineering so they can let all the students know they are in charge.

Another reason, I fear, is that too often, teachers who felt like they were not “treated” the way they wanted while being a student take it out on their students now. While this does not undo a wrong, it does create a classroom filled with tension. This might be the teacher who brags about how many people failed their test.

As a teacher, we might be the only people in a student’s life where they see some idea of stability. Too many teachers forget they were once students, and I believe that is an educational crime that needs to be “fixed.” When we offer an inviting and not domineering environment, students, for the most part, will relax and breathe a little easier. At what point should a teacher not “do right” by their students? I believe our number one goal as a teacher, regardless of how a student feels about the subject, is to be the teacher that the student needs. As teachers, we can be demanding with high expectations; why would we ever lower them. However, this comes with the price of knowing your students and building credit with them.

Be the teacher your student-self would have wanted. Better yet, be the teacher you want your child to have. Don’t forget you were once a student. Let your students see this in you. I believe it will build a better relationship for your classes.

Go be a great educator and leader today… Our future needs it…

Remember… Think Leadership and Be For Others…

©2022 J Clay Norton

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