“Insecure leaders feel entitled and are always unhappy.  Sure leaders show up each day with gratitude, knowing they’re owed nothing.” – Kevin DeShazo 

Common = Average? If so, we should have no desire to be that way. We want to be exceptional in what we do. As leaders, we must. If we are not, then we are common. Uncommon Leadership is where we need to gravitate towards. Let’s be and do leadership differently. Let’s do and be uncommon. Everyone involved will thank you for it.

An area that I find thought-provoking of leadership focuses on perpetual “bad” leadership. We lead as we were or as we are now being led. That can be either good or bad. But if it is bad, then the cycle must be broken, and that is done through leading by example by caring. Wow! Do leaders need to care? You bet they do. When leaders care, like serving, it is about others. Too often, people take the title or position of leader and stop right there. They have what they want, and they might not ever admit to it, but they are common leaders. Leadership is not a noun; it is a verb. It is action and doing. Are you able to recognize the difference between common and uncommon leadership? If you are fortunate to have uncommon leadership where you are, then you have an awesome concept to model.


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