“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each Airman, Marine, Soldier, Sailor, and Coast Guardsman who died protecting it.” – Unkown


I’ve been pondering the idea of sacrifice lately and how it relates to all that we do.  For the most part, I do not believe we sacrifice as much as we think.  With modern conviences and the pursuit of instant gratification, we have, for the most part, put aside the concept of sacrifice.

We all know someone now or in the past when it comes to sacrifice.  To what degree was their sacrifice?  We will really never know.

First, let me say thank you to everyone who is wearing or has ever worn a uniform for our freedom.  Typed words on a page of paper can never actually show the value of what each of you have done.  Your sacrifice goes beyond any words…

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, a look at history can tell us a lot about freedom and sacrifice leadership.

Sacrifice is about giving, not taking.  Often times our sacrifice is determined not by how much we give, but by how much we hold on to.  It is very hard to give anything with a closed hand and heart.

As you think about our American history, everyone who fought for freedom gave all they had.  They did not hold on to anything.  Freedom fighters have always put everything they had on the line.  They sacrificed it all, many with their lives.

Freedom and sacrifice leadership is not an empty ideal.  It is about the good of others. 

Freedom and sacrifice leadership is the very essence of servant leadership.  Servant leaders give of themselves and are worth following.  They are defined by both their values and their behaviors.

As we celebrate our freedom, let’s remember the sacrifice many gave and continue to give for us to practice our leadership today.  It is very humbling.


©2017  J Clay Norton

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