“Clarity of purpose is inspirational.  When your job description is clear and there is no confusion or when you are crystal clear of what is required of you to do your job or task, that is inspirational.  It allows you to go full stream ahead without thinking…” – Tony Alford, Running Back Coach, The Ohio State University   (I think this quote can be used for life as well)


If you had to pick four or five ideas that would inspire the greatness inside of you, what would you choose?  I’m pretty sure we would get many different answers and there would be a few that would overlap.  Finding ways to inspire others should be relatively easy.  Finding ways to inspire ourselves is much harder. 

Why do you think there is a gap between inspiring others and ourselves?  Self-inspiring will always be an ongoing battle.  Not only for our minds but also with our hearts.  But here is what I believe… One sure way to inspire greatness in ourselves is to inspire greatness in others.

So… How can we inspire ourselves?  Let’s begin with…

Inspiring others with your passion.  When this happens, passion becomes contagious.  Helping others find meaning and purpose can ignite their passion.  A “shared-passion” creates an exciting atmosphere to be a part of.

Inspiring others by letting them know you are authentic.  Quit being fake.  The world is full of fake, phony leaders.  People want a real you.  Our leadership must show the ability to relate, understand, and when needed have empathy.  You also need to have their back.  Fake leaders only talk about it while authentic leaders show and prove it.

Inspiring others by having a servant leadership heart.  If you are not willing to serve, get out of leadership now (see above statement).  Eventually, people will know where your heart is and your true leadership will show.  Leadership is often measured in time and time always will tell the truth.  What does this mean?  Never ask someone to do a task that you are not willing to do yourself.  No one really wants to be around a finger-pointer.

Inspiring others by investing in their lives.  The more you know about others enables you to understand them on a different level.  When we truly care about the lives of others, there is a deeper understanding of what makes them tick, what makes them “stop and go,” what makes them… them.  All of this will show you truly care and see them as someone and not something.  Using people for your benefit is not cool.

By understanding the value of others, maybe we can begin to understand the value of ourselves.  If we are not inspired by what we do, how can we ever expect others to be inspired by what we want them to do?

A good quote to end on… “You really never had a good day, until you can do something for someone that they can never repay you for.” – A lot of different people are given credit for saying this. Now that’s inspiring…

Some good stuff to think about.


©2017  J Clay Norton

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