“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” – T.S. Eliot


Ever have that moment when two or more are gathered and a question comes up like… “Where do you want to eat?” Answer: “I don’t care, you decide.”

“You Decide”…

Two very simple words, yet very powerful. Why? Because those two words have power. Power in what? Power in the ability to decide within itself. You now have the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference. In fact, the other members of your group relinquished control of the situation.

Everyday, when we wake up, we can assert some power on the day with these two words, “You Decide.” It becomes a mindset. Now, there are going to be days when so much bombards us with so much “stuff” that it becomes overwhelming. But… how we decide to handle those and every situation shows the heart of your leadership.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to make good decisions. So, what is there to decide about? Whatever the situations are, when you decide to decide, you must have…

  • A clear vision – Do you know where you are wanting to take the decision? Do others know this as well?
  • A plan – How will you decision unfold?
  • The ability to convey – Will you be able to get your decision across to others?
  • A humble heart – Humility is the beginning of leadership. Please understand that it is not about you.
  • A servant mindset – Will you help others with your decision?

Each of these are unique on their own but when brought together, true leadership is evident. Others are able to see and feel your leadership. Often times, the first two will get us by. But the last three allows a leader to empower themselves by empowering others. Now, this goes against every bit of what society states leadership should be. Society wants you to have a “me first” decision-making mentality.

However, this one thing is true… leaders, no matter what type, face different decisions. Some decisions will be minor and may not affect anyone but themselves. Some decisions will be major and can affect many others. Decision making is a daily expectation. Being in a leadership role, makes decision-making very important.

If you are a leader, you must come to grips with and master decision-making. When we decide, we decide. This is good and bad. If our decision is good, then we look like a genius. If it is bad, then we are the goat (not the greatest of all time). But the other side of decision making is also true. When we decide not to decide, we decided.
One thing we do not want are leaders who are “wishy-washy.” As we ponder this idea, “You Decide” where your leadership is and where you would like to see it. Only change for the better.


©2017 J Clay Norton

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