“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.  It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”  – Wade Boggs, Former MLB player of the Boston Red Soxs

“Hey! I like what you have…”

“Ok… what do I have?”



“Yep… Passion! If you did not have it, we would not be having this conversation.”


“If you are not careful, it could cause a chain reaction and when it does, it is going to affect a lot of people.”




A small fictitious dialogue that has a lot of meaning.

Almost all of us are passionate about something. But, let’s ask two questions regarding your passion…

  1. Do others see it?
  2. Does it cause a chain reaction?

Question two will not have an answer if the answer to question one is NO.

So… Do you know your passion? It is easy to figure out, determine what you value. Find that one thing which “stirs the heart” (compliments to Doug Dickerson for this phrase) and let it be life transforming, for you and others. Defining your passion is key to leadership success. If leadership is to be effective, passion has to be one of the most important characteristics. The time and effort we invest in our passion allows us to burn a blazing path. A path that does not wander but one that focuses in a single direction with purpose.

As leaders, we have to know that everyone is not always on the same level when it comes to passion. Many times we are not sure what directions our passion will or should take. Will it inspire and resonate with others?

To have someone’s passion visible is inspiring. You are able to see their passion in their lives as pure joy. If you love something, then show it. If we use our passion for fulfillment of others, it will in return provide fulfillment for us as well. Passion creates happiness for all stakeholders. Start that chain reaction of passion and see how many people it can affect. One thing is for sure; it is exciting to see how one’s passion evolves into a leadership mindset.

Passion also allows leaders a reason to persevere, even during the hardest times. Having that blazing path of passion gives an inward drive that we can reach down deep inside and use. See it as a baseline for what “stirs the heart.” There has to be something that creates a fire in a leader. Passion is that fire.

Believe in your passion. Let it be enjoyable.  Please, let it become a chain reaction.

The alternative… It’s boring to be around someone who doesn’t even seem to care about what they are saying or doing.

Here is a great video about how something so small can cause a chain reaction. Let your passion be as such…




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