“You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something in your life.”  – Winston Churchill

Well, everyone else is doing it this way… Majority rules, correct?


Is there value in standing with the few? How many times have you been in the minority regarding your leadership?  Do you often find yourself standing alone?  Sounds negative to me… Who wants to be in the minority?  Well, that depends on what the majority is standing for.

Here are a few “I Choose To Stand” ThinkLeadership thoughts…

If you do not agree with the majority opinion, it does not mean you are wrong.
Be intentional about your stance. Now, understand this… It is going to be hard to get others to follow you. Often times it is hard to believe, but many people want to identify with the majority even if they are wrong. These people are crowd followers. They are going to side with whomever will make them look good and to save their own skin.

Be a good follower.
What? You thought leaders were to lead? Yes they are… But, being a good follower of a good leader enables you to actually lead. Know who is worth following. Being a follower might not be where you want to be in your leadership at this time… so do not push your own agenda. In time, your leadership will show. Leadership should be a shared concept. Servant-leaders recognize this the most.

Do not believe it is all about you.
Even if you are in the minority, please forget the notion that people cannot make it without you. They can and they will. Standing alone is fine if the cause calls for it but do not make it about you. This leads to ineffective leadership. Make it about the cause. You will have the respect of others.

Be yourself.
Finding good leadership qualities to emulate will always help. More importantly, find leadership qualities that identify with your style. Do not try to be another leader. It does not work. Be you.

Know your strengths and your weaknesses.
You will not have to tell people your strengths, they will show for what they are worth. Your weaknesses are a different story. If you know your limitations, you better let everyone else know. Ok… you have to be kidding right? No… (go read the next bold statement).

Be transparent.
Have some humility. Kill the ego. It is ok to know and admit your weaknesses. If you do not, you will soon find them out. Others are usually quick to help you find them (It takes the spotlight off of them). Ask for help when you need it. True servant-leaders will do this and they will help others when asked. Insecure leaders will only focus on themselves. Asking for help is a strength.


We can often find ourselves with the idea of… “I do not know if I agree with that…” This thought process does not make us wrong. It just means we agree to disagree.

There will be times when our backs will be against the wall. We will even have to suffer the ramifications of others who do not believe the way we do or have a point to prove. But know this, you stand with honor, humility, and with your core values which were never compromised.

In your leadership, whatever decision you make comes down to this… When you decide to stand firm, make sure your feet are planted firmly.

I will plant my feet firmly.  I will stand firm.  I choose to stand for what is right and honorable.  Above all else, I choose to stand for my faith and my family… even if it means that I stand alone.  I CHOOSE TO STAND!

What do you choose to stand for?



©2017 J Clay Norton

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