“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.” – Leo Tolstoy





When you think of unity, what comes to mind? I would assume most of you would say something like “coming together as one” but is it that easy and simple? How many times do you hear of leadership as it relates to unity? Do you believe that leaders actually want unity? This will usually depend on if the leader is servant-minded or self-serving minded. I guess if we knew these answers, we would all have unity in our leadership.

Leadership unity requires an investment in others. The hard part is getting others to invest in you. This is true… people either agree or not agree with your leadership direction. The problem lies with those who may agree and support your leadership but not invested. Because someone supports your leadership does not equate with unity with your leadership. They follow you on the surface, go through the motions to make sure all is well and the “apple cart” does not tip over.

If people invest in you, then your leadership has power. This is a good thing. Why? Because they are “with” you. The “with” means they want what you want. They commit to your vision. They have your back. They have the backs of others. Most of all, their investment in you shows in public and private. No one likes the “two-face” leader or follower.

So… why is there not more unity with leadership? Do you realize how many different people have different agendas? There is so much negative out there and that negative becomes contagious. I am sure we can provide an infinite list of reasons… Conspiracy theory or not, there are actually people who want to see your success not happen.

Leadership unity provides a path for success. Our job as leaders is to bring people together. Together for a common cause, for the good of all. As a leader, you either help or hinder the cause for unity. Unity is essential for leadership. When unity happens, “we walk together” becomes a reality. Mindsets change, personal agendas are set aside and total contribution of all exists.

As we move forward with our leadership, let’s put a focus on unity and see what the outcome will be. I would dare say the results will be positive and you will find that “we walk together.”


©2017 J Clay Norton

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