Ok… Here we go with part three of the call of teaching… CHARACTER

The call of teaching must also include character. Now, there are many quotes and thoughts on character out there; so many that they can all end up meaning the same thing. However, when we look at character as it relates to the call of teaching, it takes on a new definition.


As educators, our work must be characterized by the pursuit of modeling the message of character. Here is a question that all teachers should ask, “Would you want to be taught as you teach?” If yes, then ok. If not, then your teaching has serious character problems. We have all heard the adage, “practice what you preach (teach).”

Having character as a teacher should be non-negotiable. Part of having the right character is having maturity. What a teacher is, is much more valuable than what a teacher does. A teacher’s character, which includes maturity along with integrity, is a leading indicator if they possess the call to teach.

I believe teachers fall into two groups; those that see teaching as a calling and those that see it as a job. Those who answer the call of teaching must teach as they live; a life that is worth emulating by others. The character must demonstrate the message you send. This does not mean that we always teach perfectly, but it does say that the character we have is from the heart. More importantly, the character you have and the character you bring to the classroom is seen by others.

As you examine your teaching, start with your character. One thing is true… you can never separate who you say you are with what you say you believe in.

Next week we will talk about: Crisis from within for good…


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