First and foremost, we need good teachers.  Yes, believe it or not, there is a crisis in education.  One, there are not enough teachers in our schools, and there are not enough people wanting to be in education.  Two, and yes this will sound harsh, there are not enough teachers in schools who view education as a crisis in need.


To view something like a crisis, one must feel it in their heart and deep down in their soul. At some point, we all stand at a crossroad and have to decide how we feel about an issue.  When this happens, we must step out and understand that teachers who have their heart in the right place towards education can only help the crisis.

Teaching should be like anything else you love; it should capture your heart. When someone captures your heart, you carry yourself a little differently.  I would dare say; you certainly would not want to let the person down you love and would do anything to stay in good standing with them.  The same should go with why and how we teach.

This crisis we see should tear our hearts, and the gravitational pull should be like the sun; everything revolves around the students, wanting them to see and understand that education is their ticket to the future. The “want” to teach becomes a heavy burden that can only be answered from inside the heart. Many teachers teach, but how many really “want” to teach?

I am proud to be an educator, are you?  How many teachers do you know that when asking what they do, downplay teaching? Too many people walk away from teaching instead of walking towards teaching.

The call to teach is confronted with the overwhelming sense of a desire, a gift, the right character, and a “want” to see the crisis that is at hand… and a little humility goes a long way that grips your soul to the point that it encounters the need to teach.  Each of these we have discussed over the past three weeks and today.

Be the teacher you want to be.  Be the teacher you want your children to have.  Be the teacher you are called to be.  Education will be better for it.  The call to teach is powerful; embrace it.


©2018 J Clay Norton

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