The perspective of the value of leadership is based on actions and not words of the leader. How much value do you place on something? Better yet, let’s ask this question, “How much are you willing to spend on something?” Everything has a price, even leadership, yours and others.


Let’s use a piece of art for example.  How much is it worth? What is it’s value? Who determines the value? You? Others? Now, let’s ask the same question when it comes to the value of leadership.

To understand the value of leadership; a few thoughts come to mind. While they sound natural, putting them into practice is a different concept. Value is a funny concept… something only has value if it means something to you. That is the way it is with most things we hold dear in our lives.

Leadership that has value…

We can all agree that leadership should be and is important. However, do we carry and lead like it is? Many leaders just show up and hope, whatever happens, happens, and it makes them look good. The importance of leadership is based on themselves, not the issue at hand or who is involved. Leadership importance for self carries no value for others; it is worthless.

Many people want to lead, but… Leadership is limited. I genuinely believe just because you are in a leadership position does not mean you are a leader. Real leadership is limited to those who have that servant-based mentality for others. Others can only measure that value. While you may determine your own price and too many “leaders” do, value is usually priced on how many people want what you have.

Just like anything else that has value, consistency is the main ingredient. It stands the test of time. It feels the same. It tastes the same. If anything, its value actually increases over time. Can we agree that some things get better with time? How many leaders do you know who are inconsistent with their leadership? Something is always different, and it usually depends upon what kind of mood they are in. People want consistency, and they will pay for it. Why? The value it brings. We all know what “something” is supposed to be. Let your leadership be what it is supposed to be, consistent for the good of others.

The world is seeking leadership. You can go back to the beginning of time and see it throughout all of history. There is a great need for leadership with value. However, it needs to provide value for others, not our egos. A leader is who they are before others, and nothing more.


©2018 J Clay Norton

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