How well do you acknowledge the leadership of others? Or do we just rob them of it?


Well, this is an interesting question… and one I have thought about much for some time now. From a leadership position, we often want people who act, look, and think as we do; more of a “one size fits all” thought process. Now that does not mean we go against our core values and accept radical ideas and changes. I do believe leadership needs to be “reading” in the same book, but maybe not always on the same page.

What is at issue here is that notion that many have exceptional leadership capabilities and they are either not given a chance (for whatever reason) or looked over because they do not pass the “eyeball” test of our own seeing.

I have often heard that if you only allow people in leadership positions that lead as you do, then why do you need them? There are some bright, novel, ambitious people who need a chance to lead. However, society and leadership, in general, is so caught up in the “quota,” the “look,” the “think like me,” mindset, that we miss out on what could be a whole new opportunity for everyone to move forward. Bottom line… more often than not the “right” person for leadership is not given a chance.

The mainstay of “status quo” is – it is “status quo.” Nothing changes. You get what you have, and you stay where you are. It is compared to a dusty, smelling room. Nobody I know is a fan of mold. Sometimes, you just have to spray air freshener.

Do we say we want others to believe in themselves? Well, it might help if others know that we believe in them. Why is there fear in giving others a chance? Is it because we have some internal thought of our own self-serving and self-protection? I am a big fan of surrounding yourself with others who can make everyone look good instead of me trying to look good by myself. It really is too expensive – if you know what I mean. It will cost you down the road.

No one wants to limit their own leadership growth, but when we fail to acknowledge that others have great leadership ideas and thoughts, that is what we do precisely. In essence, we do one thing: we rob the future of someone who could/can make a difference!

©2019 J Clay Norton

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