It is always good to get the mind working, so let’s start with a question…

Do you believe that everybody who is talking about leadership is leading? Better yet, is everyone in a leadership position a leader? By answering these two questions, we describe almost everyone associated with leadership.

Outwardly, people identify themselves with leadership, but inwardly who are they? Are they genuine? Many, because they cling to a false façade of leadership, fool themselves into thinking they are on the right path of leadership when they are stuck in the mud of their own mindset. This leads to destructive leadership. It might not be visible immediately, but over this course of time, the ripple effects of bad leadership become tidal waves drowning others who follow.

To make matters worse, their self-deception is often reinforced by what is seen and heard as “well-meaning” leadership by those who are naïve. This creates surface confusion that leads to a deep, black hole of leadership that naïve followers are never able to escape. What happens to them you might ask? They end up being clones and those waves we discussed earlier, hit everyone else in the face.


Much of today’s leadership does not model the servant-leadership, transformational mindset. It usually is some water-downed concoction, subject to an emotional thought process of “If I get to where I need to be, then why does it matter how I got here, or even if I did it the right way?” This way of thinking has devastating effects. As a result, almost any leader who has gained leadership this way is seen as genuine. Why, because we attribute leadership to a position and title. It is seen more as a noun than a verb.

Leadership is so easy, and leadership is hard – Both statements beg different opinions. Leadership is not some shallow response, or quick conversations saying the “right” words. Leadership must be measured and valued with depth and meaning. Compromising the trueness of leadership is where we can see the great divide among leaders.

©2019 J Clay Norton

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