How do you answer the title question? Not just today or this week (it is teacher appreciation week by the way) but every day.

Is teaching appreciated? Probably not the way it should be…
Does teaching need to be appreciated? You bet!

I believe the role of a teacher and education for that matter is at a crossroad, and it is crucial where we go with it. One thing we cannot do is just sit in the middle and let others decide for us what they want education to be. Who better to make educational decisions than educators?

I say that, to say this… There are reasons why teachers and teaching should be appreciated, and it is essential for everyone else to know why. The value of being appreciated is significant for people in all walks of life. Daily recognition and a “thank you” carries an intrinsic feeling that personalizes job satisfaction. For the most part, great teachers know they are teaching the way it should be. However, not that teachers need public affirmation, it sure is nice to hear it from others.

So, why should teachers be appreciated? Here you go…

Teachers help change the mindset of the future.

How else do students choose a career? Teachers look actively for excellent work and brilliant ideas of today’s youth and help channel that into a possible career choice.

Teachers are walking unofficial psychologists.

I’ll call teachers this… mood-changers. How many students’ mood changes for the better when they are surrounded by people who care and provide a positive impact for them? Teachers are sometimes the only ones who say, “You can do this.”

Teachers challenge the mind of students to a higher level.

Teachers have the innate ability to take a student from “here to there” over time. Incremental development is a fascinating concept to watch take place. Where else can you find “growth” of a person in five to six different areas all in a days work?

Teachers build trust and relationships.

This is a funny concept. It’s intangible, and it is hard to see and find. But when it takes place, a bond between that of student and teacher takes on a whole new meaning. The value of it trickles into others, and it creates an environment where many want to belong.

Teachers provide inspiration.

I have had a few teachers in my life to do this, and I sat in awe of them and their ability to transform my mind. Inspiration taps something inside our soul and mind to make us want to be/do better than before. Society will stand in line to put you down; students need someone who will not.

Every student has a story to tell, and it covers all genres. Teachers are the ones who help write those stories. Teachers are the last of a stable foundation that seems to be crumbling. Teaching is the last stronghold and line of defense that separates society with the notion that somebody cares about where we are going with those who will be our future.

Daily appreciation is worth the time it takes to say it. Say it often and say it loud. Find a teacher and recognize them. A little appreciation can increase a teacher’s effectiveness and provide a smile that stays on the face.

Teaching, an appreciation? YES… All day, every day – THANK YOU, TEACHERS!

©2019 J Clay Norton

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