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…A Mother’s Love…

Often times we lose sight of what love is...
But a mother’s love always helps us remember.

The unconditional love given by a mother to her children,
Transcends all our troubles and worries.

The gentle touch of feeling “I love you”
Settles our hearts to comfort.

A mother’s love, forever in and on our hearts,
Watching us grow with smiling eyes.

Knowing we have a voice…
of support, encouragement – affirmation and acceptance.

One who builds up…
Our lives as we live.

A mother’s love passed down into our lives,
To teach us to love our own children.

Sharing her life into eternity,
With memories to help us reflect.

Thankful for the lessons learned,
Helping us to be who we are.

A mother’s love, never unfelt.

© J Clay Norton, 2022