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The Walk

The walk, Jesus made…
Saving our guilty souls.
Flesh borne with stripes,
To make our spirit whole.

The walk, only He could make,
Carrying our sinful load.
With His blood, our bondage breaks…
Providing the grace, we need.

The walk, undergoing the earth’s pain,
Completed for our sake.
Comforting us with His substance and strength…
Life, no more can death take.

The walk, with a cross carried we could not bear,
A cross only Christ could endure.
Its harshness giving hope…
Creating glory over the grave.

The walk, showing love to the loveless,
“Hosannas” at the beginning of the week…
“Crucify Him” at the end.
Yet His life, He willingly gave.

The walk, Via Dolorosa…
The way of suffering…
The walk, the way – that led to death,
So, life could have victory.

Happy Easter

© J Clay Norton, 2023

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