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The Victory of Christ

Eden's thorns twisted into a crown,
A cruel symbol of death,
Placed upon His head - in mockery.
The crowds calling him King,
Not knowing that He really is.

A walk none of us could make,
A walk to the wondrous cross.
A cross none of us could ever carry,
A cross to death…
Into the presence of God.

Knowing He would face death,
The Lamb, slain before the foundation of the world.
Doing something we could not do,
Taking back life from death.
Because He lives, I live!

We search for peace…
A peace the world cannot give.
A peace found only in Jesus,
"Peace be with you..."
For it is.

His sacrifice,
We are made Holy.
Our trust in Him…
Gives forgiveness of our sins.
Drawing near to God without fear.

Losing much because of sin,
Gaining more because of Christ.
His death, His resurrection…
The restoring power of God's grace.
…The Victory of Christ…

Happy Easter

© J Clay Norton, 2022

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